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Latest Products

  • Front Pocket Patchwork Bag

    A practical, fashionable everyday bag... at a fabulous price.

    UPC 852682970528
    Case Pack 40/Wt. 29

    Glamorous you, your workspace glitzed to the max with our fab, yet functional, jeweled basics.

    Case Pack 50 / Wt. 26
  • Multipurpose Acrylic Holder

    Add function and contemporary style anywhere it’s needed with our handsome multipurpose holder.

    Case Pack 20/ Wt. 10
  • Bracelet Assistant - Makes fastening easy!

    Always chasing bracelets ’round your wrist, fumbling to connect the ends?

    UPC 852682970764
    Case Pack 200/ Wt. 22
  • Glowing White Orb Necklace

    Get your glow on in out-of-this-world style. Our orb pendant necklace offers an unusual look sure to draw plenty of admiring glances.

    Case Pack 100/ Wt. 15
  • Daisy Puff Necklace

    She loves it... she loves it not. There’s no doubt about it, she’ll love this uncommonly gorgeous daisy necklace.

    Case Pack 100/Wt. 15

    Totally safe and completely flameless, this very beautiful design will take romance and enchantment virtually anywhere.

    UPC 748144997304
    Case Pack --
  • When your waistline expands – from weight gain or pregnancy – expand the waistline of your pants.

    It’s easy and fast with this waist extender combo kit for jeans and slacks.

    UPC 852665396062
    Case Pack --